Thank you for your interest in the forensic psychological services I provide, which include evaluations, expert testimony, and courts-martial consultation.


I have extensive experience serving as a forensic evaluator regarding:

  • General psychological evaluations
  • Competency
  • Psychosexuals
  • Violence risk
  • Mens rea
  • IQ
  • Memory and eyewitness testimony

These evaluations typically involve interview, psychological testing, review of records, collateral sources, research, conferences with attorneys, and preparation of a written report.

If a defense attorney requests my services, I typically conduct my evaluation in three stages. (If a court has ordered an evaluation, then there are no “stages” to my evaluation.)

  • Stage One is a review of the file and initial interview with the defendant. After I have had an opportunity to familiarize myself with the case, I contact the defense attorney and share my initial impressions. This allows the retaining attorney to decide whether to proceed. If s/he decides to stop the evaluation, I only bill up to Stage One (usually 4 hours).
  • Stage Two involves in-depth interview and testing. At the end of Stage Two the retaining attorney is again given an opportunity to cancel the evaluation or to proceed to a written report. If s/he decides to stop, I only bill up to Stage Two (usually an additional 4-8 hours).
  • Stage Three includes final interviews, testing, and writing the report (approximately 8-10 hours).

I conduct my evaluations in three stages because I believe it is the ethical thing to do. The defense attorney is not buying a “pig-in-a-poke” and receiving an expensive written report that they can’t use. It also allows me to shoot straight as an arrow regarding my findings – I don’t feel any financial pressure/obligation to shift my opinion.

Expert Testimony

Once the evaluation is complete, I am sometimes asked to provide testimony in a deposition or trial with regards to my findings. On occasion, I also provide expert testimony without having done a direct evaluation. This typically involves educating the trier-of-fact on technical questions (i.e., dynamics of memory, research literature related to sex crimes, standards of care for interviewing children, etc.). However, please understand that I can only take a limited number of “testimony-only” cases. Because of my frequent consultation in military courts-martial, I keep my calendar limited to how many court dates I commit myself to.


I specialize in providing consultation and testimony for military courts-martial. Please click here for additional information.

Neutrality Statement

As just described, I frequently provide evaluations and testimony in State, Federal, and Military Court. This is either ordered by the court or I am retained by the defense or prosecution. Regardless of which party retains me, the guiding ethics of a forensic psychologist is to only serve the trier-of-fact (judge and/or jury). I take this duty very seriously. In practical terms this means that my opinion is not for sale. My goal is to help the trier-of-fact have a better understanding of a defendant, the complaining witness and/or explaining complex concepts to assist with matters the court is considering.

Fee Schedule

Regarding what I charge for my services, please click on “Fee Schedule.

Requesting Services

If you choose to utilize my services, please consider the following:

  1. Submit a “Request for Services” form.
  2. This sets the stage for you and I to talk about your case by phone.
  3. If you decide to retain me, you would then sign the “Retainer Agreement” and email a scanned copy or fax it to my office. If you are requesting an evaluation, the Retainer Agreement includes a list of records that need to be sent to my office (page 2 of the Agreement).
  4. If you are a defense attorney, please have your client fill out the Client Questionnaire that is listed to the left of this webpage under “Request Services”. They can either fill it out online (the completed form will be emailed directly to me) or it can be printed out and they can fill it out by hand. You can then send the completed form to my office before their initial appointment (in- or out-of-custody).
  5. I request that private attorneys pay a retainer in advance. Courts and government agencies (public defenders, prosecutors) will need to provide proof that the payment for services has been preauthorized.

Again, thank you. I am honored that you would consider me for your forensic needs.